The Program

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS), Inc., a not-for-profit organization that publishes the highest-quality peer-reviewed scientific information about the musculoskeletal system, is proud to offer orthopaedic institutions the JBJS Institutional CME Program.

How the Program Works

No cost or obligation for the institution.  When an orthopaedic hospital or clinic registers for the JBJS Institutional CME Program, its orthopaedic surgeons gain access to all CME courses and activities in the JBJS Orthopaedic Education Center (OEC) ( at a 20% discount to individual pricing. All courses and activities in the OEC are based on gold-standard, current scientific research and review articles. The orthopaedic surgeon does not need a subscription to the JBJS journals to participate in the OEC activities.

Benefits to Physicians

  • Staying current on groundbreaking orthopaedic research offered by OEC courses and activities, at a 20% discount
  • Ability to track and manage personal educational requirements with the OEC’s online organizational tool

Benefits to Institution

  • Providing an institutional benefit to their surgeons to help them stay abreast of the best scientific evidence in their field or subspecialties
  • Saving 20% on their budget for reimbursing salaried or affiliated private-practice partners for CME activities